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187 lbs

So disgusted by my weight, I am not going to eat much and water fast for as long as I can go.
I don't even want a goal-weight because none of them are good enough. I'm working a 12 hour shift tomorrow, so will have egg whites and chicken broth waiting for me if I feel faint, but otherwise water, water and water.
I need this so much.


I'm in the gym today burning as much as I can before 9am comes!
I have joined the SarahFit team to bet on my weight loss.
I'm hoping this will motivate me to lose!

It's $30 to buy in and there is over $15000 in the pot to be split between those who lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks.
For me this is 8 lbs so its really achievable :) anyone whose reading, get involved and change your life!

Also for those who are against gambling, I myself do not usually partake, but the way I see it is wagering is usually on things you cannot control, your weight is completely within our control :)

Shall post the link below,

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Tips to Raise Fat-burning Without Sweating

Sometimes it can be difficult to get that fat burnt whether its in the gym or in the kitchen. 1 lb of fat is 3500 calories of stored energy. Most people's daily calorie allowance is between 1200 and 2500. That just doesn't leave enough room to create a deficit plus still have the energy to work out! It can take up to 2 hours to burn 1000 calories in the gym. These ways have been proven to increase calorie burn without being too tricky to employ :) I'm all for that!
1. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to your oatmeal or yoghurt every day. This burns an extra 1kg of fat each month.

2. Drink 3 cups of green tea every day. This burns 100 calories each day and about 1kg of fat every 12 weeks.
3. Add spicy peppers to your lunch and dinner (scotch bonnets are delicious!), they raise resting metabolic rate by up to 25%.
4. Take forskolin 250mg twice a day. It is an extract from a plant called Coleus. It is known to increase fat oxidation by bodybuilders, in 12 weeks 30 obese men reduced their body fat by 11.27% compared with a group taking placebo 1.27%. That's huge just for taking one pill!

Hope this helps :)

193 lbs

Started the day more or less how I wanted with hardboiled egg white 17 cal intake and 1000 calorie burn at the gym :) I'm gonna pop home now and have some chicken pineapple salad, light ginger beer and 0% greek yoghurt with more lovely pineapple approx 300 calories.

For dinner I have chicken and broccoli korma 333 calories, I really want to reach my target of 189 when I wake up on Thursday and the only way I can do that is by cardio, protein, water and no snacks at bedtime.

If I make the goal, I will have lost 9 lbs and will be deserving of a reward of my choice. Unsure what I will choose but I really feel uncomfortable in my professional clothes and would love some kind of comfortable blouse for this reason.

Below are some snaps of what I have been eating for the past week.

This was a very tasty lunch of chicken, cucumber, strawberry and pomegranate salad. Not sure why I love fruit in my salads so much but it's tastes seriously special. Next to it you can see I'm chugging serious water too :).

Really enjoying changing my diet, on the whole it hasn't been a chore at all. Eating fresh reflects how I feel about myself. Just wanted to show you one more treat I enjoyed last week...

Strawberries, pomegranate and 2 small squares of dark chocolate only about 100 calories but felt naughty and solved my sweet tooth.

Hope everyone's doing well and comment below if you like seeing pictures of my intake?

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Meal Planner

Day One
Granary toast + boiled egg + tsp flora

Grilled chicken salad
+ orange juice + melon

Quarter of chicken leg seasoned Jamaican style + steamed baby corn + carrots + broccoli

Day Two
Porridge oats + 200ml 1%milk + mixed berries + chopped almonds + truvia + nutmeg

Brown roll + ham + salad + 2 tbsp low fat coleslaw + blueberries

Salmon fillet foil parcel + pak choi + chilli + lime + soy

Day Three
1 cup of bran flakes + truvia + strawberries + 200ml 1% milk

Brown roll + red salmon + cucumber + onion + side salad spinach + cherry tomatoes

Mini steak + chips with skin on (baking potato) + oil spray + side salad

Bring water for lunch.

Shopping list
Bran flakes
4 chicken legs
Large potato
Sirloin steak
Brown rolls
Reduced fat coleslaw
Cherry tomatoes
Breaded ham bgty
Salmon fillet
Pal choi
Asian spices
Benecol spread
Baby corn, baby carrots, broccoli
Water bottle

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Here we go again

Thurs 11th Oct
181 lbs
Chest: 37.5"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 41"
Thigh: 26"
Body Fat 32.3%

Update on Thur 25th Oct. After 14 days on the master cleanse.


Today, I am a pound lighter than yesterday :). This is what keeps me in the binge/purging cycle because mia does seem to not only prevent weight gain, but when i give myself to her fully it even helps me lose weight.
It is half ten and I have not been to the gym yet and im currently munching a carrot.

I'm currently 12 stone 11 1/2 lbs. I have been recently stuck in a binging/purging cycle that i'm really struggling with. Today I ate a pizza (895), popcorn (400), cereal (180), sandwich (440). I purged after the sandwich and pizza then went for a run with my boyfriend and then got hungry and ate popcorn and cereal. Then I purged again. I'm now sitting in my bedroom drinking green tea with mint and pretending to be pure, but im a fake. im absolutely disgusted with my lack of willpower.
My friend wants chips, but I know I wont be keeping them down. I cannot wait to lose my fat rolls. I plan to drink green tea and mint and eat oats for brekkie, go to the gym from 8am until 10am and then do some work until lunchtime. At lunch I will have a lean beef stirfry with veg. Dinner will be chicken sweet n sour and mange-tout. Dancing and toning from 8pm until 10pm.

I want my own fairytale before and after story...
Yesterday was a massive success. For breakfast, I'm gonna chow on special k, blueberries, almond milk. I may skip lunch or eat something protein-rich in a wrap maybe?

I'm currently 12 stone 8 1/2 and want to be 11 stone 13 lbs at the end of my 18 day adventure holiday. Goal is therefore to lose 9 1/2 lbs, thats 1/2 lb per day. I think this is do-able :) I won't be able to weigh myself till I return, which I think, is a good thing!

Just to reiterate the plan. I'm going to get plenty of physical activity walking/swimming/hiking. Breakfast: I'm allowed some carbs. Fruit and yoghurt. But eat eggs, ham if available. Lunch: Small portion of carbs allowed with high protein filling. Salads, Open sandwiches. Dinner: No carbs. Lean protein (fish/chicken) and vegetables. 3 cheat meals allowed over the entire process. Being on holiday, calories will be extremely difficult to calculate, but I know what healthy eating looks like so we'll see. My BMR is 1559 per day. So, I will be aiming for between 800 and 1200 most days. If I order something wrong (e.g. too much fat/carbs), cut portion in half and eat it. No snacks, only meals.

When I return after the holiday, I'm going to take 1 month at a time to steadily lose 8 lbs through healthy eating and exercise. So, will devise a meal plan based on the Hairy Bikers on BBC1 :) Because I want to do this the right way. I'm planning skinny lasagne for dinner x

Progress Chart

I'm off to Europe tomorrow morning. Its all very exciting! I'm travelling from Budapest(Hungary) to Buccharest(Romania) to Belgrade to Bar(Montenegro) to Pristina(Kosovo) to Skopje(Serbia) to Sofia(Bulgaria) to Istanbul(Turkey) to Athens(Greece) to Patras(Greece) to Venice(Italy) via plane, train, ferry and on foot.

Needless to say I'm excited beyond belief, I'm doing all of that in 18 days, so its going to be physically demanding and I'm going to be away from the junk food I crave. My thoughts are to choose lean proteins(chicken/fish/shellfish/a little red meat) with steamed vegetables/salads for lunch and dinner. Also, to enjoy lean bacon, eggs and ham for breakfast. Natural/greek yoghurt may be acceptable at breakfast in moderation, but absolutely no pastries/breads/pasta/rice.

I have been aiming to be 12 stone 9 lbs before I leave (6th Aug) and the aim is to be 11 stone 13 lbs when I return on 24th Aug.

3rd Aug 13 stone 1 3/4
4th Aug 12 stone 10 3/4
5th Aug 12 stone 10 1/2
6th Aug 12 stone 8 1/2

I made it! I only ate 140 calories (atkins bar) the entire day.

24th Aug 11 stone 13 lbs?

Update: Just been watching London 2012 Women's Marathon. So inspiring when youre in the gym. Burnt 1000 calories on the cross-trainer and then lifted some leg weights.